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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  December 13, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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is still in its early stages. >> authorities say that the on- site investigation is over but the atf is still analyzing evidence that killed 36 people. there are reports that electrical problems were caused of the fire but the cause is still unknown. >> the electrical system is part of the analysis and atf experts and the oakland fire department investigators are looking at an determining the cause of the fire and the investigation is still ongoing though. and at this time no final determination has been made as to the exact cause of the fire. >> investigators have spoken to witnesses who say the converted warehouse known as the ghost ship was a death trap where no one was supposed to be living or having a party. at the news conference. oakland fire chief says that the fire department was not required to and never inspected the warehouse. fire officials never received any formal complaints at that address. and complaints were made to police and city building
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inspectors. the fire chief says that the owner never applied for any permits such as change of use or occupancy that would have led to a fire inspection. >> all of these things would trigger us going into the fa sill to do an inspection and in this case we have no records of any of those things being conducted. >> she says that her department has no staff to regulate the parties like the ghost ship. >> you have a situation of what some are calling a pop-up party, an underground party where folks are coming together and they are not applying for special permits. officials say that they are working to close gaps to prevent a tragedy like this happening again. the criminal investigation is continuing. alameda district attorney nancy o'maley could pursue charges that include manslaughter or
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murder. >> we will work as efficiently as we can but not sacrifice the integrity of the investigation or the analysis to try to get to an end result before we are ready. >> now once the atf and oakland fire complete the investigation the findings will be afforded to the da and prosecutors will determine if anyone will face criminal charges. >> going back to the cause of the fire. did you get any sense from being there today of how close they might be to revealing the cause. >> we expected them to come out with a cause today but they are still busy going through the forensic evidence and alameda da nancy o'maley says she won't be rushed and set out no deadline to when any final conclusions will be reached. henry, thank you. a special section of dedicated to the oakland warehouse fire. you can find more about the first responders and ways if you would like to help the victim's families. >> one vote down and one to go.
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the alameda board of supervisors voted to negotiate a new deal for the oakland raiders with investment group headed by nfl hall-of-famer ronnie lott. cristina rendon was at the meeting and in the newsroom now and cristina the same plan goes before the oakland city council tonight. >> that's right. noah gallo says there will be unanimous vote and this is a look inside. >> by a 3-1 vote the ball moves forward with the plan to keep the raiders in oakland. >> we will go forth with the process. >> the cheers came after a three hour hearing in the alameda supervisor's chambers filled with passionate stories from former nfl stars, rodney pete. >> this is bigger than us. this is bigger than us. >> marcus allen. >> the heart and soul of raider
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nation, its genesis is in oakland. >> and mayor kevin johnson. >> i believe in the home team. and i believe in the ronnie lott group. >> the approval means alameda county will exclusively negotiate with nfl hall-of- famer ronnie lot's investment group to bill a $1.3 billion stadium. the project would include housing and office space in an effort to prevent them from moving to las vegas. >> i have had conversation with mark. in his heart of hearts he really doesn't want to go any other place. he wants to be here and a stadium. i can respect him because he wants a stadium for his fan base here. >> the numerous fans and union representatives showed the support saying the project will bring thousands of jobs to the area. >> everyone said that it is more than just football. it is more than the raiders. it is about the whole community. >> at one point lott became emotional when he listened to the board president speak about him. >> i trust this man and he is
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somebody that i want to do business with. you won't find any finer individual. >> we have a long ways to go. we have to convince the nfl and we still have to convince mark davis. we got along ways to go but today is a great day and a great moment for raider nation and for a lot of people. >> if the oakland city council votes yes. lott and his investment group can bring the owners under mark's viable plan to get the team to stay here. that vote expected at 6:30. cristina rendon, ktvu fox 2 news. coming up at 6:30. continuing coverage of the fight to get a new stadium for the raiders. ktvu's al lee anna gomez is at city hall and will have an update on the vote. new details on chiropractor from the south bay convicted of sexually assaulting a patient. he was ordered by a judge to
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stop seeing other patients. neither manfled alcus or his attorney wanted to comment. convicted of inappropriately touching a patient during a chiropractic exam. he served a few months behind bars and in october he returned to seeing patients at his office in campbell because his license was still active. a judge ruled in favor of a probation department request to keep him from practicing. now he will not be able to practice as a chiropractor and we think that is appropriate given that he is convicted of a sex offense on a patient during his capacity as a chiropractor. the state board of chiropractic examiners is considering revoking his license and has a hearing next week. a standoff at a home in east san jose came to a peaceful end.
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officers responded to reports of a domestic disturbance on arthur avenue. they discovered a man was inside the home with his 6-year- old daughter. police immediately evacuated that neighborhood and urged the gunman to surrender. did he that at 7 this morning. there were no shots fired. again, he did peacefully surrender. the 6-year-old is with the police and she will be shortly reunited with her mother. no one was hurt. police credit their officers at the scene where successfully negotiating with the man to end this incident peacefully. the death of a woman found in her burning home in castro valley is being investigated as a homicide and arson. alameda deputies say the one alarm fire was reported at tangle wood drive before 3 this morning. crews put out the fire in less than ten minutes. but the 59-year-old homeowner who lived there alone ended up being found dead in the garage. the detectives now say she was
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actually killed before the fire started. i will tell you she was not shot. but that this is a very brutal murder and concerning in the manner she was killed. the subsequent to fire is concerning. >> investigators are looking for signs of forced entry that might indicate a burglary. deputies are asking the victim's neighbors in castro county for any surveillance footage from last night to this morning. a search for chemicals is under way in mal peeis. investigators are looking for chemicals that could be used in bomb making. what began with a search warrant this morning may take until tomorrow to complete. as ktvu's jesse gary reports firefighters and police officers and members of the bomb squad have descend on the house on view drive.
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it is a low key area. >> around nine this morning this quiet neighborhood was rattled with the arrival of first responders. neighbors complaints two weeks ago of a strange odor coming from a house in the 1700 block of u drive brought a search warrant today. >> the officers confirmed that they could smell a strong smell coming from the area of the residence. around the property of the residence they found what appeared to be empty plastic bottles that contain unknown chemicals. >> investigators say three adults and two children lived in the property. one 47-year-old man, a mal peedisresident detained. the santa clara bomb squad unit was called in along with area fire departments. residents living on the block were told to shelter in place and some decided to leave instead. worried? >> yes. because i have my son in the car. >> and you are living right across the street from this. >> yes. >> that's crazy. this day and age with all of
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the weather and the climate and the cub. so it is pretty scary. >> investigators say that dozens of half gallon containers killed with potentially explosive chemicals are in the house and they want to know who made them and why. >> there is no indicating they were being used for anything illegal or intended for -- to harm anybody. but we want to see what else was inside the house and we wanted to find out what the owner's intentions were with those chemicals. >> after a day of searching investigators decided to stop and remove the equipment. they have been looking into containers like this about a half gallon sized milk container filled with chemicals and that is what they are cataloguing in the house. they say the return between 7 and 7:30 in the morning. additionally that one 47 year- old man detained has been released and no charges have been filed. in mal peedis jesse gary, fox 2
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news. i have no comment about president elect. nothing to say? >> it is a meeting no one saw coming. an kanye west spoke with president-elect donald trump. the system to track the death wishes of aging californiaians. the bay area county testing the performance and how it could benefit the doctors treating their patients. and tracking the big rain coming your way. not so much for tomorrow or tonight. but as we head to thursday. so we will time it out for you.
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ask. now to breaking news from the world of entertainment. tmz is reporting that allen thick has died. he had a heart attack this afternoon while playing hockey with one of his sons. thicke is best known as the star of the 1980 sitcoms growing pains and a song writer that composed that theme song. allen thicke was 69 years old. >> the push to have free tuition in city colleges in san francisco led to an unusual protest at city hall. tara moriarty says there was no chanting or yelling just christmas carols. >> they are not your typical city hall protestors. these demonstrators ditched the usual picket sides and bullhorns. >> for sheet music and singing.
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>> they knocked on supervisor's doors. >> and a caroling they went. >> all in the fight to make san francisco city college free. >> going to city college opened up a world. >> actor danny glover supports the mission that chooses money generated from prop w to make classes at city college free. >> it is preserving. >> connie ford a graduate of city college says mayor ed lee wants to use the funds for other leads. >> we are saying a promise is a promise mr. mayor. >> we are not asking the city for a handout but to solve the city's budget woes. we fought and campaigned because we believe that commute should be free for everyone. >> city officials say prop w funds were not earmarked for city college.
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in fact the money is used for transportation and the library fund and children services. the mayor believes that a cost should not be a barrier to higher education and he supports the supplemental moving through the board and supports spending it over a longer period of time. >> and financial problems and accreditation woes are not helping. >> the mayor has a panel meeting over the next 90 days to review the issue. >> and that won't stop these carolers from singing. tara moriarty, fox 2 news. new at six, contra costa county one of two counties in the state to test a new electronic registry for end of life care. the document called physician orders for life sustaining treatment gives people a choice of how much medical care they want in an emergency.
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california is working to bring the documents online after a new state law took effect this year. advocates say the online registry to allow medical professionals to access the patient's wishes. >> this is about allowing people to control the care that they -- the medical treatment that they receive very late in their life. >> the electronic registry is being tested in a three year pilot program in contra costa and san diego counties. advocates hopes to serve as statewide model. >> the high-speed rail authority approved two plans. it was for the central valley segment and for the electrification of cal train tracks that would eventually be used for are high-speed rail. the bullet train opponents responded to the approval with a lawsuit. they claimed that legislation signed by governor jerry brown that allowed today's vote was not what voters intended when they approved a ten billion
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dollar rail bond measure in 2008. the voters will is the voter's will and you don't go around and change that without going back and making sure the voters are okay with that. >> i would say we do have vote are approval in 2008 that approved that we moved forward with the project. the high-speed rail authority estimates the cost for those two segments at 10 billion-dollars, about 4.6 billion will come from bond measure money and the rest from federal and state funding. tracking the showers coming your way to number one right here. system number two here. and bringing sprinkles now. system number two links up with that as we head to thursday. it is about thursday. thursday is going to rain and it will rain and be windy. but it is going to feel like a winter storm and talking about the afternoon commute being bad but the morning commute will have shade on it too with the
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rain starting probably around 8 or 9 in the morning. right now this is what is happening and what you are seeing, this radar image that is live. this is how it is going to look part of the day. tomorrow will be kind of like today and the rain is north and just a few sprinkles and glaze on the roadways and cloudy and temperatures believe it or not tomorrow with the warmer subtropical moisture and we will see temperatures in the low and mid 60s. san francisco tomorrow, rain to the north. look at the sky cover. lunchtime, rain to the north and a few scattered showers and in late the day, more scattered showers to the north. tomorrow is the transition day. not much changes between today and tomorrow and by tomorrow night and thursday it is game on. when i come back we will dial in. the bay area thursday forecast. it rains and little bit into friday as well. still ahead. new friction between iran and the u.s. coming up next. the threats from iran after a
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vote in congress to extend sanctions. sports, a win and your game. the preview of the raiders game against the chargers. a new potential threat to your privacy out of russia. we will show you the latest recognition app that is causing concerns.
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influence a new app developed in russia will end privacy.
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it allows users to snap a photo and use his or her identity using advanced facial technology and accurate about 3/4 of the time. the developers say it is a great way to find friends or soulmates and those that like the privacy are not sure. i don't like it. someone can find me and the information about me. the find face program only works on people that have photos on the russian version of vk. soon to match photos that have twitter accounts. twitter does not have a partnership with the company and considers any use of the data a violation of its rules. the u.s. senate to extend sanctions against iran have outraged leaders and they claim that u.s. is violating the terms of a deal that was struck
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last year. jennifer griffin tells us the iranians are responding with new threats. >> an angry response from tehran ordering a project calling on iranian scientists to start developing new nuclear powered ships. this as iran is accusing the u.s. of violating the terms of the 2015 iranian nuclear deal. as washington is extending an existing law that gives the u.s. the ability to sanction iran if tehran violates the nuclear agreement. >> the extension of the iran sanction act does not undermine the national agreement to prevent tehran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> in exchange for world powers and economic sanctions against iran. the deal does allow iran to conduct peaceful atomic research and gives the u.s. the ability to closely monitor iran. >> the announcement from the iranians does not run counter
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to the international agreement to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. >> and nuclear experts warn that if carried out the new plan will likely require the enrichment of iranian to above the maximum level set in the deal. >> the expectation is that they undertake the research efforts and they will do to in their international obligations. >> donald trump did threaten to scrap the iran deal during his campaign. >> it is now unclear what mr. trump's policy will be once he is in the white house. in washington, jennifer griffin, fox news. coming up on ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. the second vote of the day on a proposal for a new stadium deal in oakland. what it could mean for the raiders' news. also ahead. unanswered questions after the ghost fire. what we are learning about the
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potential for lawsuits.
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authorities in oakland say the on-site investigation is over and at the ghost share warehouse where a fire killed 36 people 11 days ago. an atf officials say the cause of the fire is not known although there are reports that
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investigators have pinpointed an electrical problem as the cause. oakland's fire chief says the fire department never inspected the warehouse and was not required to. she says that fire officials never received any formal complaints at that address. >> a what the team served a search warrant at a home on u drive in milpitas. the milk containers with explosive chemicals in the home and investigating who made them and why. neighbors had complained about the smell two weeks ago. three adults and two children lived on that property. a 47 year-old resident was detained for questioning. you are watching ktvu news at 6:30. the fight to keep the raiders in oakland continue and it is headed to city hall. alley anna gomez has more. >> and a deal for a new stadium. the board of supervisors approved it. what are we expecting at city hall? >> well, frank and julie.
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we are expecting a vote to keep the raiders here at oakland. the meeting got started at the city council chambers. so far they have not been able to discuss the oakland raiders proposal. a bit of a violence and eruption of violence that occurred during the hearing and some people were upset and that took up time. they are expecting to vote on the oakland raiders proposal. what this vote will do is basically give the city and county an exclusive period to negotiate with the nfl hall-of- famer ronnie lott and the va group. the board voted to move forward. city leaders say that vote let them know that their partner is onboard and to continue working for a deal that work for the city of oakland and alameda county. the work to rebuild the site would use 200 millions in bond money that would not impact the


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